Financing Types

Investments take a variety of forms ranging from straight equity, hybrid, or debt. All of our principal and agency transactions involve a significant degree of equity participation, which is commensurate with the risk and is essential to achieving our objective of capital appreciation. Our transactions fall within four general categories:

Expansion Financing

Rapidly growing companies usually require outside capital to fund their growth. Adequate bank financing is often unavailable, and secondary public offerings may be premature. Wakabayashi Fund provides capital from an agency / principal basis to support growth and improve growing companies’ access to financing from banks or other institutions.

Early Stage Financing

Wakabayashi Fund provides capital to early stage companies with innovative products or services and h4 potential for rapid growth. Such companies should have h4 indications of customer demand and a seasoned management team that can quickly and efficiently produce significant sales and earnings.

Management Buyouts

Managers who have the opportunity to acquire businesses usually need outside capital and financial expertise to complete such transactions. Wakabayashi Fund may assist in providing the required equity capital as well as leadership in organizing additional financing.


Owners of small-cap companies often need liquidity but do not necessarily desire to sell their companies. Wakabayashi Fund organizes and arranges financing recapitalizations to provide liquidity and address the financial issues facing owners of such businesses.