Net Savings Link Launches Incentive Provider Agreement With Family Savings CoOp That Targets 1 Million Membership Goal From Existing 122,000,000 Relationships

CLEARWATER, FL-(Marketwire -07/25/12)- Net Savings Link, Inc. (NSAV), a company that provides Electronically Deliverable Incentives (the “EDI Program”), announced today the signing of an agreement with Family Savings CoOp.

Family Savings CoOp, a for-profit Minnesota 308B Cooperative Association, has signed an Incentives Provider Agreement with Net Savings Link, Inc. whereby Net Savings Link will wholesale certain of its incentive programs to provide benefits for the Basic Members Class of the CoOp. Family Savings CoOp is owned by its producer and consumer Share Members and develops products and services that 1) Educate, 2) Reduce Costs (Savings), 3) Create Entrepreneurship, and 4) Promote Unity. For over 250 years cooperatives have served families and communities across America.

Dr. Robert A. Needham, Founder of Family Savings CoOp, said, “Our association with Net Savings Link has been in the works for almost one year, they have designed a program for us that meets the needs of our Members and will save families thousands annually! Our Membership Drive targets community organizations such as churches, non-profits, charities, and family organizations such as sports and recreation looking to SAVE and EARN money in these tough times. Our Membership goals, for the next 12 months, are to grow to more than 100,000 families and ultimately more than 1 Million in less than 3 years.” Family Savings CoOp will launch its nationwide Membership Drive on or about August 15, 2012 with Membership pre-enrollments earlier in the month.

Over two years of market research and surveys have been conducted developing the CoOp and its exciting new concept called “Collaborative Marketing.” Some of the religious organizations interviewed, which have expressed interest in immediate membership, have in excess of 15,000,000 members today. One blogging alliance, related to the home mortgage crisis, has more than 7,000,000 readers. A direct marketing alliance has over 100,000,000 double opt-in emails. Dr. Needham said, “We believe our Membership Drive goals are realistic considering we are expecting less than 1% market penetration of our already developed relationships. The real growth will come when these families share with their friends how much they have SAVED and begin to EARN retail bonuses and commissions on new Memberships sold and Patronage Refunds as Share Members.”

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